rainy day noodles

“there are many ways to make a little seem like more…you can still live with grace and wisdom, thanks partly to the many people who write about how to do it and perhaps talk over-much about riboflavin and economy, and partly to your own innate sense of what you must do with the resources you have, to keep the wolf from snuffing too hungrily through the keyhole.”

m.f.k. fisher

ever want to spend your time playing on the internet, or better yet being productive, while still trying to fit in a home cooked meal? are you defeated by the rain and your lack of groceries? are you about to stumble upon one of those chinese menus that are taking over your junk drawer like a kudzu forest that never stops growing? stop right there, dear reader. it’s time for the first in a series of meals that i want to go ahead and dub the ‘one-hitter-quitters’. all fast and resourceful, single-serving recipes that pack a little punch. all dedicated to my roomate, who kills it when it comes to these types of dishes. she’ll soon be agreeing to write a guest post, i just know it.

ingredients you should always have in your house:

an onion, fresh eggs, a green vegetable, noodles of some kind, oil, and of course, salt.

things you need for this recipe:

half an onion, one fresh egg, a green vegetable, noodles, salt, oil, a knife, and two pans.

this version was made with some delicious peppers. but you can literally use anything that you have or prefer. if it needs to be cooked, add it in with the onions. if not, throw it on top. i did both.


put on enough salted water or (preferably stock if you have it) to cook one package of ramen, or the noodles of your choice.

[brakes screeeching]…….wait. did she say ramen noodles??

that’s right! i did. and don’t get all twisted up about it.

the msg is not in the noodles people, it’s in the seasoning packet. and you don’t have to use it.  ramen noodles are perfect for this recipe, and anyone who has ever had to live on them will praise their versatility. cheap, perfect serving size, available everywhere. win. ’nuff said, let’s continue.

while you are waiting for your water to boil, chop up your onions and vegetables. heat a small amount of oil in a pan and when your noodles go into the water, sauté your onions and vegetables in the oil. crack an egg into the pan and stir quickly.

drain and transfer your noodles to the pan and sauté everything together for pan fried noodles…

….or add your sautéed mixture to the broth and noodles for soup.

at this point, your spice cabinet is your friend. it’s amazing what a bit of  chili paste or a splash of hot sesame oil can do to spice this up. the only thing i stress is that you try to use a stock for the noodles (if you’re going the soup route.) your broth will be quite bland otherwise. i like to have vegetable stock or bouillon in the house for this type of quick fix. i also added sliced ginger to this version, because it was lying around. i haven’t timed it exactly, but i’m willing to bet that it takes about as long to read this post as it does to prep for this dish. make it and find out : )

as always, buen provecho.

One thought on “rainy day noodles

  1. Yum, what a great idea! Ramen has gotten a bad rap in the USA because of the grocery store variety available, but it’s actually a wonderful dish when prepared properly as you’ve described – the secret to the best taste is of course, the stock – all the more reason to always have some on hand, as every kitchen worth its stock ; ) should. I’m going to try pan frying some ramen noodles right now!

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