huevos al nido…eggs in a nest

“we can see a thousand miracles around us everyday.

what is more supernatural than an egg yolk turning into a chicken?” 

s. cadman

i love eggs! i love them fried, poached, scrambled, green, raw, soft-boiled, ala mexicana, coddled, rancheros, pickled, deviled, and in a nest. the list goes on but that is the one we’re talking about today. this is a go-to recipe for me at any time. i eat eggs often for dinner or a late lunch, and after the gym. this variation is satisfying and easy to prepare, with a myriad of ingredients that can be casted as leading roles in what i believe will become a common act in your kitchen.

per person you will need the following:

small amount of oil or butter

some minced garlic and/or  shallots

small handful of greens, sliced in strips (chiffonade)

two large eggs

salt and pepper to taste

fresh herbs of your choosing

you can use any greens for this, just keep in mind the cooking time, as you will have to adjust it depending upon your choice. i use kale, collards when i have extra time, and spinach when i’m in a hurry. the recipe in the photograph uses beet greens and julienned peppers.

heat your fat in the pan and add the greens and minced aromatics. sauté the greens over medium heat until they are tender. use tongs or a fork to separate the greens into individual portions in the pan, and twist them as if you were making a small nest with a well in the middle. crack an egg into each nest, and fry. i like to cover the pan after a few minutes to steam the white and yolk. i love the texture of the yolk with this method, silky like a soft boil. when the eggs are cooked to your liking, use a spatula to lift each nest onto the plate. season with salt and pepper, serve with fresh parsley on top and if you want something extra, these are great over crispy toast or a corn tortilla.

buen provecho!

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2 thoughts on “huevos al nido…eggs in a nest

  1. Janet Jones on said:

    Not only is this a beautiful dish, the taste of the yolk with the greens is one of the healthiest, most natural combinations readily available for any budget.

  2. Paul Giamatti on said:

    I would like to see some recipes for food processors.

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